Aulderleaf Family

Owners of Aulderleaf Farm and Phandalin Farmer's Market


The Aulderleafs are a halfling family that runs the Aulderleaf Farm, which grows mainly fruits (apples, tomatoes, etc.) and also the Phandalin Farmers Market where they sell their own produce and the produce of many of the other farmers.


Quelline Aulderleaf

Age 62

Mother of Davis and Garrett, proprietress of Aulderleaf Farm and Phandalin Farmer’s Market.

Was robbed recently by the Redbrand thugs.

Davis Aulderleaf

Age 27

Quelline’s younger son is responsible for running the farmer’s market and balancing the books.

Garrett Aulderleaf

Age 33

Quelline’s older son is responsible for the day-to-day affairs on Aulderleaf Farm.

Carp Aulderleaf

Age 12

Witnessed his grandmother getting robbed, tried to follow the thieves but lost them by the large oak tree.

Son of Garrett Aulderleaf and his wife, Marion.

Aulderleaf Family

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