Tresendar Manor

Tresendar Manor

Ruined Manor Overlooking Phandalin

The former home of the Tresendars, a wealthy merchant family that operated a merchant fleet.

Around 15 years ago, the mansion burned down the last remaining scions of the Tresendar line perished.

Rumors abound as to the cause of the fire… one version of the story said that the Mistress of the household Isabelle Tresendar was having an affair with the groundskeeper and when Lord Tresendar found them in his marital bed, he tied them down and set them on fire.

Another version of the story is that Lord Tresendar’s deformed bastard son was escaped from his cell in the attic and took revenge on the family that was ashamed of him.

The Tresandar Family

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Formerly prominent noble family of knights and merchants. At their peak, the Tresandar’s estate stretched from the south end of the Neverwinter Woods to the northern edge of the Mere of Dead Men. In additional, they were granted some land in the Moonshae Isles in recognition of their military service. The Tresandar family amassed a sizeable fortune as their merchant fleet conducted trade much of the trade between the Isles and the great cities of the Sword Coast.

According to the Journal of Feargus Ironheart, the Tresandar Family was a co-owner of the Wave Echo Mine when it was in operation, overseeing the sale and distribution of the goods made therein.

By the time that the fire claimed their mansion, however, years of mismanagement and bad luck had reduced the Tresendar holdings to that small bluff outside Phandalin.

Tresendar Manor

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